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The LOGIC Project “Implementing the lifelong learning Concept in Southern Neighbouring Area: Responding to the changing needs of dynamic resources” aims to enhance the capacities of the Higher Education Institutions (HEI) in offering Lifelong Learning (LLL) courses in line with labour market needs, while promoting at the same time the development of a quality & accreditation framework for LLL.


The three countries involved in LOGIC are Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia.

LOGIC is funded with support from the European Commission through the TEMPUS programme.

LOGIC pursues this ambitious goal through the following specific objectives:

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    To create LLL Observatories and modernise existing Centres in 6 PC HEIs by building capacities to monitor actual needs, and provide appropriate training
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    To establish a regional network of LLL Centres for good practice exchange, peer to peer learning and dialogue
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    To undertake a pilot action of LLL courses in each partner country, promote flexible learning tools and provide recommendations for the recognition and accreditation of LLL courses, enabling learners to progress in academic and professional careers

The activities foreseen for LOGIC project will benefit not only the 6 Higher Education Institutions that are directly involved, but also other HEIs based in the Southern Neighbouring Area.

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Project is cofinanced by the European Commission on the framework of the TEMPUS Cooperation Programme, with Project Reference Number 543914-TEMPUS-2013-1-ES-TEMPUS-JPHES