The LOGIC project will achieve its main goals by following a coherent sequence of activities based on the following approach:

Analysis and capacity building activities

that will set the basis for the implementation of the project providing information on the state of the art of the Lifelong Learning (LLL) practices; and revealing the needs of the industry sector in terms of employee skills compared to the graduates skills offer.

On a second phase, training actions will be implemented with the purpose of update horizontal competences of LLL staff, and provide them with know-how to retrain teaching staff for future course development.

Networking and cooperation activities

that will facilitate the sustainability of the project results. Several networking actions will be implemented at both national and regional level with the aim to provoke national and regional debate, share practise and develop a collective voice for LLL centres to act as a formal network

Development and exploitation activities

that will seek the creation of LLL units and the establishment of LLL Observatories that will regularly analyse the society and learner needs.

The exploitation activities will focus mainly on the development of 2 Pilot LLL Courses for young unemployed. These Pilot LLL Courses will have a highly practical focus and will work towards the enhancement of youth employability.

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With the Support

Project is cofinanced by the European Commission on the framework of the TEMPUS Cooperation Programme, with Project Reference Number 543914-TEMPUS-2013-1-ES-TEMPUS-JPHES