Monday, March 10, 2014 to Friday, March 14, 2014
University of Alicante, Alicante

The LOGIC kick off was held at the University of Alicante on the 10th and 11th of March 2014 with the main aim of introducing the project to the partners who will be working in the project activities during the 36 months of project duration. 

A programme and project introduction was delivered in Alicante, followed by a presentation and distribution of all project activities amongst all partners, with a special focus on the first year activities. 

The University of Alicante displayed in full how the project will be managed in terms of communication mechanisms, dissemination strategy, reporting requirements, etc. 

The second day was devoted to listen and visit some UA premises in order to observe good practices and determine potential learning opportunities. 

This kick off and study visit held in Alicante was followed by a two-days study visit in FH Joanneum. On the 13th and 14th of March 2014, the partners could learn more about how LLL is approached in FHJ and review some good LLL practical implementations. 

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Project is cofinanced by the European Commission on the framework of the TEMPUS Cooperation Programme, with Project Reference Number 543914-TEMPUS-2013-1-ES-TEMPUS-JPHES